Sunday, October 3, 2010

Latest favourite-Mural Art

Ever since I got to know about this magnificent art form of Kerala,its been my dream to actually learn it.I have my own little collection of mural paintings pictures from google,done by professionals in India.Last month,just to see how it comes out,i tried 1 of them...a close-up image of a Goddess Devi and i was really happy at the end results.Uploading the work on facebook and my frends' comments inspired me twofold!
The next work was another mural painting,of Lord Vishnu,playing drums....since the 1st one wasn't that difficult and took me hardly 3 days to start and finish,I was pretty confident for the 2nd one too.As i started drawing the basic outline sketch i slowly gotta know ,it is not going to be an easy 1 this time.It took 4 days to draw the basic outline,and the next 6 days to paint 10 days!!!Phew!!!Wasn't easy...especially the ornaments...each of them had to be done separate and to worsen it,the shade used in them[Maroonish brown],was a mixed shade.Nevertheless,it did come out pretty neat and everyone said it's really good :). Yeah I'll be drawing more,lets see how they are like :)

Image 1~ Goddess Devi [Size~ sumwat A3]

Image 2~ Lord Vishnu [Size~A3]


  1. Great attempt :) all the best Ramyu...

  2. ow gud y dont u keep those for exhibitionzz... to show the public,,
    anyways its gr8 cheerzzzz
    (its me unnikuttan aka arun nair)

  3. wat the!?!?...surprised me re!!! :D hmmmm...will think abt it dude! ;) thanku so much!!! :)

  4. I'm also a fan of such paintings. Done a gr8 job.