Sunday, January 2, 2011


Came across a wonderful piece of work on one of my usual random google searches...kudos!to the person who drew it & thanks to him/her for giving me a subject to draw :)...The moment I saw it,I knew I had to draw it!For any layman it might look as simple and plain as it is...don't know why I felt much more than that...the had such a strong emotion in it,they spoke volumes...cant really say if its sorrow,fear or anxiety...perhaps that's what really caught my attention.Took almost a week to start and finish it off though its just an A4 size work...I was in no hurry to finish it 'cos I wanted it to be perfect...couldn't imagine making a mistake 'n' then throw it off like how I usually do ;).
Maybe not perfect,but I'm pretty happy with the end result! :) And this is my last work of 2010...looking forward to draw more,draw better and draw different in 2011! ;)