Friday, October 1, 2010

Hey Blogosphere and fellow Bloggers!!

Oh my!finally i start my blog and here goes the first post.....I've been gearing up for this since ages,but yeah it never really took almost 2-3 years for my sister and frends to persuade me to start this and yeaaaay!they succeeded!!!Or maybe its after so long that i actually realised blogging is fun ;)

Well am not much of prolific writer,though i do put down my thoughts into my 'Personal Book' on random issues and my views on them once in awhile.You may find a few of them o'er here as well. I spend most of my time with drawing and gives me immense pleasure & its my passion!...My areas of expertise are pencil shading[which tops the list!],watercolours,poster paints,mural art[recent fav] & glass painting[i've just tried 'em that's all].Never really got a chance to learn it professionally so yeah my works do lack that wee bit of perfection.Being a true-blue Capricorn,I don't give up that easy ;) ,will reach that 'perfection' level for sure!! :D Will be uploading some of my works,so dont forget to leave your comments...compliments and criticism are most welcome b'cos that's what keeps me going :)

Apart from that,rest of my hobbies include(but are not restricted to) crochet,stitching,sudoku puzzles,animal welfare activities,spending time with nature,playing with my cats,a li'l bit of photography,surfing on the net[keeping contact with frends are important,y'see] and the list just goes on and sum it up,I dislike to stay idle,and got loads of things to do in 24 hours ;) .

And now,for more about me...more posts coming'll gradually get to know. B)


  1. Hey Ramya!!
    U gotta long way to go..
    My hearty wishes..
    Lookin forward to see ur creations..!!!