Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lady with the Mirror

My research on mural art continues.... I try and understand the fine details in each work,the different styles of brush strokes of each different artist,the mixing of shades,and the list goes on.Came across a couple of websites related to mural paintings on one of my random google search and in one of them I saw the original of this work....absolutely loved it!Till now all my mural works have been on A4 and A3 sheets....this time I wanted to do it BIG! and went 1 step furthur,and decided to do it on an A2 sheet[thats like half a normal chart size].The drawing and painting together took me almost 2 weeks and yup!pretty happy with the result... :)

All who saw the work said its come out really good and my determination to learn Mural painting professionally has increased twofold!Someday...I WILL! ;)


  1. lovely! i think u could do wonders if you started expressing your own ideas in your works, keep it up!

  2. @lokesh-thanks a lot! :)....I would love to paint my own mural works but I havent got any prof training in drawing or painting yet...kind of waiting for the right time and chance to learn it from a good place. Thank u very much for the comment!! :)

  3. If u learn, u will do an amazing job. This painting itself... wonderful.

  4. wow,this is great ramya, what medium is this?

  5. @cheeru-thank you! :)

    @Scott-I've used both watercolours and acrylic paints...and Thanks a lot!